The Hack Mac Forums Are Online!

Hey everyone!

We’ve been hard at work on creating a community here at, and we think it’s time to really open up the discussion. After hearing from you guys over and over again that you wanted a forum, we’ve finally created one!

Click here to access the forum.

What can you do on the forums? A whole lot, including:

    • Ask questions about the articles on our main site
    • Ask questions about technical problems you’re having with your computer
    • Answer other people’s questions
    • Talk about whatever you feel like in the off-topic section
    • Write guides or articles of your own

And of course, you can pretty much talk about whatever else you want. You should head over to the forums right now and register!


  1. Theo



    Hello everyone. I’m super excited about the new forum utility on hackmac!
    anyway, I have a weird-ass problem with my macbook pro.
    Well, actually, there are multiple issues, but I am fairly certain they are all related.
    Whenever I try to create a new folder on my desktop, I get this error message:
    “The operation can’t be completed because you don’t have the necessary permission.”
    Then I can never drag and drop something onto my desktop for some reason. It will just show the circle-slash symbol on the icon im dragging.
    Then when i try to take a screen shot i get THIS message:
    “You don’t have permission to save files in the location where screen shots are stored.”
    When I try to put anything in the trash it makes me enter my password first
    The most annoying part is that I can’t change the name of anything on my desktop.
    I tried repairing the permissions but that didnt do anything. Solutions anyone?

    • Jeff Browning


      Hey Theo – I’m glad you’re excited about the forum, and that question is a perfect one to ask on it!

      We generally try to keep the comments on posts related to the actual post, so you could post in our “Help Desk” forum on the forums (see link in the post above), and I’m sure someone from the community should reply soon.

    • tyson


      yeh its just your permissions on your desktop just right click on your desktop and go down to and select get info then a little window will pop up go to the very bottom and click for your user to be able to read and write if that doesnt work go to applications >utilitys and open disk utility and click repair permissions and give it a quick check up

  2. nicolas



    hi i was just wondering how i could use windows documents on my mac, ( .EXE) or ( .ZIP) it doesnt work often only if i use mono it works on files that turn into .zip but using the .exe it doesnt let me can you please help me

  3. Issy



    Hi guys,

    My school has put Authentication passwords on it, now my friends have hacked theirs and gotten it off, so they are able to download Skype, Google Chrome, and that, but with the Authentication or whatever on it, we can’t even download games, can you tell me how to get it off?

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