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Welcome to the new and improved site! We hope to provide continual, up-to-date information on Mac OS X security and hacking techniques, particularly regarding Snow Leopard, Leopard, and the upcoming OS X Lion. We’re excited that you’re here to join us, and welcome old visitors and members as well as newcomers into the OS X security community.


  1. callie



    This website is great but pretty much useless for me because I needto hack onto a mac with only one account because I don’t know the password. I also can’t change the password because the person would ne mad at me so I have wasted 20 minutes of my life on this useless site.

    • Jeff Browning


      Useless? You can log into Single-User mode and set the root password, which won’t be noticed, and then you can run everything we detail on the site.

      I’d appreciate it if you’d ask on our (always open and available to answer questions) forums or at least do a bit of your own research for your specific problem before insulting our work.

  2. John



    I think your website is fantastic. Thank you for all the information. I also commend you on your efforts, Jeff (are you really one person or do multiple people use that user?), to take time to answer many of the questions asked. That must take a long time! I use my girlfriend’s mac and mine to experiment with your networking how-to’s and such… very thorough work indeed. Pay no mind to the naysayers with nothing constructive to say… I think you guys are great.. Keep it up!

    • John


      PS, Thanks to everybody else! (not just jeff!)

    • Jeff Browning


      Haha, I really am just one person! Alex and Evan, the two other staff members on the site, use their own accounts to post when they do.

      Thanks a ton for the support, we’re glad to have you on board!

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