everyAir: Remotely Control Computers

everyAir is a great app for remotely controlling your computer, regardless of operating system, from your iDevice. It’ll cost you five dollars on the App Store and you can download their desktop client on any number of home computers. It has many options for navigating your computer, including a mouse drag mode and an on-screen-keyboard.

Keyboard Mode

It’s main function is to display the computer screen live, and allow you to use the computer remotely. everyAir supports “pinch to zoom” functionality, so that you can focus on certain portions of the screen. During testing on an iPod touch it was determined that some resolution differences can make it more difficult to control. On one of our Mac Pros with a 32 inch monitor (1990×6969 resolution), it took a lot of pinching and zooming to navigate around the screen. This problem was not present with one of our MacBook Pros, and was very cool. Beyond just using it to control the screen from a distance, it functions very well as a tablet.

"Game" Controller Mode

PandaElf, the creators of everyAir, extol its ability to play video games such as Starcraft and World of Warcraft, and they included a D-Pad and joystick set of controls to make gaming easier. However, it’s difficult to game when using an iPod, due to the small screen size, but when using an iPad it truly is glorious. It takes a little getting used to, like every remote desktop application, because the gestures to control the machine are vastly different than you’re used to, but playing Starcraft and Minecraft is very, very fun. I am, however, rather old fashioned when it comes to gaming and think I will continue playing World of Warcraft with the classic option: a mouse and keyboard.

As for connectivity, everyAir is intended for use over a Local Area Network (LAN), although with port forwarding you can connect to your machine remotely. I would advise caution when exposing your computer to the Internet as it makes your machine much more vulnerable to hackers and unauthorized users. While the low latency on local networks is fantastic, expect far worse performance when connecting via the internet.

All in all I am quite pleased with everyAir. It had exceeded my expectations and it’s well worth the five bucks. It still has some features that have yet to be implemented, such as a live audio feed (it currently only sends video), but PandaElf says they are working on this along with other new and exciting features.

I strongly recommend this app for anybody who wants to be able to control their computer from their iDevice.

Check out the everyAir iOS application and download it!


  1. jeff



    does it work with windows or just ios?

  2. Cameron



    Every Air is offline and can nolonger be downloaded

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