4 Ways to Protect Your Computer From Being Hacked

Following these four simple rules will effectively prevent your computer from being hacked! It takes next to no time, and there’s no reason not to! Read on and you’ll find out exactly what to do.

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Alfred or Quicksilver: Which Launcher Is Better?

Application launchers are great – they streamline the process of finding and opening applications and files. But which is better?

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Your iPhone is Tracking You

News has just come out that your iPhone is constantly tracking your location. Want to know more? Check this article out.

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Connect Remotely to Other Computers

There are two main ways to remotely connect to other computers. This article will tell you when and how you should use each.

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The Hack Mac Forums Are Online!

The ultimate place to discuss Mac security and hacking has opened up to the public! Check out the HackMac.org forums now!

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Remotely Control Multiple Computers Using SSHSudo

Have you ever wanted to remotely control multiple computers at the same time with just a few simple commands? We go in-depth in this article and teach you how to do just that.

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AppleScript 101: Review and Moving On

It’s time to review everything you’ve learned so far in our AppleScript 101 series and prepare for the next step – a big, useful script that we’ll be putting together over the next few posts!

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Do You Want to Hack a Mac in Under 30 Minutes?

It’s now simpler than ever to hack Macs, thanks to our new guide! Read the post to find out how you can get access to this, and more – all for free!

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Android App Review: ConnectBot

Have you ever wanted to being able to SSH from your phone? Have you ever wondered how you can do that? This article will answer those questions with the help of a very nice app for Android: ConnectBot!

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AppleScript 101: More User Input and a Simulated Conversation

Do you want to continue learning AppleScript? Take a look at this post and I’ll teach you how to use all sorts of AppleScript functions to make interesting and useful scripts! This post focuses on user input and interacting with the computer.

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