Crack OS X Mountain Lion Passwords

It’s finally here! DaveGrohl has been updated to handle password hash cracking in OS X Mountain Lion, so now you can get started on cracking account passwords in the latest OS.

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Ever-Increasing Password Breaches

The entire tech world is familiar with the Yahoo Voice debacle resulting in the exposure of over 400,000 users’ email addresses and passwords. Is there a way to be secure today?

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Port Forwarding Basics

Port forwarding is used to allow connections from external computers to computers within a local area network. Port forwarding can be very useful if you want to connect to a computer from a remote location, and can be used with SSH, Apple Remote Desktop, and thousands of other applications.

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Crack Password Hashes in OS X Lion

This guide details the surprisingly simple process to crack passwords in Mac OS X Lion. This is a Lion sequel to our extremely popular password cracking guide for Snow Leopard, Leopard and Tiger.

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From Standard to Administrator

This article outlines how to give an account on Mac OS X administrator privileges, without previous knowledge of the root or an administrator’s password. We’ll be using Single User Mode (SUM) to gain root access to the computer, which is the diagnostic boot option built into Unix that automatically logs you in as the root user, allowing the usage of unrestricted commands.

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Hack and Disable The iSight Camera

It’s a question that a great many people are asking, and for a good reason: can people control my iSight camera remotely? It’s a scary answer:Yes. You can log into another Mac with a built-in iSight camera and take pictures remotely. But here’s the good news: you can also disable the iSight camera on the software end, rather than simply taping it up.

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Rip DVD Movies To Your Apple Device

This is a basic overview of Handbrake, an open-source, GPL-licensed, multiplatform, multithreaded video transcoder, available for MacOS X, Linux and Windows. This overview contains information on how to rip a movie from a DVD to your hard drive, and in the process, transcoding it into a format playable on today’s iPod lineup.

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Jailbreak your iPhone 4, iPod Touch, or iPad

This is a basic overview to jailbreaking your iPhone 4, iPod Touch, or iPad running iOS 4.0 or iOS 4.0.1. It’s far easier than you may think, and only takes a few minutes, thanks to a new tool called JailbreakMe. Jailbreak lets your device be however you want it to be, and it’s completely legal!

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Decrypt OS X User Account Passwords

This is a guide on how to find out the password of any local user account. It requires being able to boot into single-user mode or having the root password. So if the computer has a firmware password be sure to check out our accessing single-user mode guide. There is a lot of commands to enter but it is a straight forward process.

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Firesheep is a new add-on for firefox that makes it incredibly easy to hijack accounts over unsecured wi-fi networks. It was released to act as a wake-up call to websites about the need to use more secure communications. However, until websites step up and begin to fix the problem, quite a bit of fun can be had with Firesheep.

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