Your iPhone is Tracking You

News has just come out that your iPhone is constantly tracking your location. Want to know more? Check this article out.

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WWDC – iOS 5 and OS X Lion

At their recent keynote Apple announced a bundle of neat new features for both Lion and the next version of iOS. Here are some of the top features that were unveiled.

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The New and Improved iPad 2

Apple announced the new iPad today, bringing with it many improvements over the previous model. It’s thinner, lighter, faster, sleeker, and has a front facing camera for face time. It also now comes equipped with HDMI output in full 1080p. It also features a new Apple A5 chip, which marks the first dual core processor in a tablet device.

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Firesheep is a new add-on for firefox that makes it incredibly easy to hijack accounts over unsecured wi-fi networks. It was released to act as a wake-up call to websites about the need to use more secure communications. However, until websites step up and begin to fix the problem, quite a bit of fun can be had with Firesheep.

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