Alfred or Quicksilver: Which Launcher Is Better?

Application launchers are great – they streamline the process of finding and opening applications and files. But which is better?

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everyAir: Remotely Control Computers

everyAir is a great app for remotely control your computer, regardless of operating system, from your iDevice. It costs five dollars on the App Store and you can download their computer client on any number of home computers. It has many options for navigating your computer, including a mouse drag mode and an on-screen-keyboard.

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ProcessRenicer: Resource Tweaking for OSX

ProcessRenicer is a freeware program that lets you adjust the priority of different programs. If you have one program, say a video encoder like handbrake, and it is taking up to much processor power. You can lower the priority so it will allocate less space, while this will make it take longer you will also be able to do other things more effectively in the background.

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Android App Review: ConnectBot

Have you ever wanted to being able to SSH from your phone? Have you ever wondered how you can do that? This article will answer those questions with the help of a very nice app for Android: ConnectBot!

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