Spotlight: Tips and Tricks

Anybody who uses a Mac should be aware of Spotlight; it appears as that little magnifying glass that sits in the top-right of your screen. Although many people have been replacing spotlight with 3-rd party applications, most reviews overlook some of the hidden functionality that Spotlight provides. We’ve found a few cool things that you may not have known you could do with Spotlight.

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Malicious SQL Injection: An Introduction

SQL is a special-purpose programming language used to communicate with databases. It is also well known for being extremely vulnerable to code injection. In this article, we will be exploring SQL vulnerabilities, and how to exploit them.

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Crack OS X Mountain Lion Passwords

It’s finally here! DaveGrohl has been updated to handle password hash cracking in OS X Mountain Lion, so now you can get started on cracking account passwords in the latest OS.

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Port Forwarding Basics

Port forwarding is used to allow connections from external computers to computers within a local area network. Port forwarding can be very useful if you want to connect to a computer from a remote location, and can be used with SSH, Apple Remote Desktop, and thousands of other applications.

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Crack Password Hashes in OS X Lion

This guide details the surprisingly simple process to crack passwords in Mac OS X Lion. This is a Lion sequel to our extremely popular password cracking guide for Snow Leopard, Leopard and Tiger.

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4 Ways to Protect Your Computer From Being Hacked

Following these four simple rules will effectively prevent your computer from being hacked! It takes next to no time, and there’s no reason not to! Read on and you’ll find out exactly what to do.

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Connect Remotely to Other Computers

There are two main ways to remotely connect to other computers. This article will tell you when and how you should use each.

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Remotely Control Multiple Computers Using SSHSudo

Have you ever wanted to remotely control multiple computers at the same time with just a few simple commands? We go in-depth in this article and teach you how to do just that.

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Remotely Control a Computer: A Basic SSH Tutorial

Have you ever wanted to control your friend’s computer from your own computer at home? This article tells you exactly how to connect to their computer via SSH and then how to execute commands!

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From Standard to Administrator

This article outlines how to give an account on Mac OS X administrator privileges, without previous knowledge of the root or an administrator’s password. We’ll be using Single User Mode (SUM) to gain root access to the computer, which is the diagnostic boot option built into Unix that automatically logs you in as the root user, allowing the usage of unrestricted commands.

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