The New and Improved iPad 2

Apple announced the new iPad today, bringing with it many improvements over the previous model. It’s thinner, lighter, faster, sleeker, and has a front facing camera for face time. It also now comes equipped with HDMI output in full 1080p. It features a new Apple A5 chip, which marks the first dual core processor in a tablet device, and also features a substantial graphics improvement over the previous iPad. Despite all these improvements, both the battery life and pricing remain the same (10 hours and $499 for the base model, respectively).

Along with the iPad Apple also announced iOS 4.3, which will ship with all new iPads. Unfortunately, even though 4.3 allows iPhone 4′s to create a wifi hotspot, that functionality is not enabled on iPad’s, though I have no doubt enterprising jail breakers can find a way around that.

They also designed a “case” (it’s actually more of a cover) for the new iPad which is affixed with magnets. When put over the face of the device, it puts the iPad to sleep. It also helps keep the screen clean, as it’s made of our microfiber cloth. Knowing me, I will lose this cover within a few days of owning the iPad. It isn’t attached enough to prevent me from misplacing it, or it slipping off during travel. However, for those who like it, it comes in many pretty colors, all of which are provided by Apple.

The iPad 2 officially goes on sale at all Apple Stores on March 11 at 5 P.M.

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