Jailbreak your iPhone 4, iPod Touch, or iPad

This guide contains a basic overview on jailbreaking your Apple device with JailbreakMe

JailbreakMe is a browser based service that exploits a feature in Safari, allowing it to download and run software that fundamentally alters the operating system on your device. As we can’t be sure when Apple will fix this exploit, if you’re planning on jailbreaking your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad, I’d do it sooner rather than later.

As some of our users may be visiting with little to know idea what this article is about, we’ll answer some frequently asked questions.

What is jailbreaking?

A jailbreak is simply the ability to run apps and use themes and tweaks not approved by Apple. Jailbreaking doesn’t slow down your device or use any extra battery. A jailbreak lets your device be how you want it.

Is it reversible?

Absolutely. Just connect your device to your computer, sync with iTunes and then press “restore” to remove the jailbreak.

Is it legal?

Yes it is. A new DMCA exception was recently approved by the Library of Congress, which specifically allowed jailbreaking.

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    • Your device needs to be running iOS 4.0 or iOS 4.0.1
    • Your device must be connected to the internet, either via 3G or Wifi.
    • JailbreakMe requires your iPhone to be activated (if you’re jailbreaking an iPhone).

Jailbreak iPhone 4, iPad or iPod Touch

1. Visit JailbreakMe.com

Open the website on your iPhone or iPod touch and wait for the page to load. A screen should appear with the Mac OS X background and a “slide to jailbreak” slider.

2. Slide to Jailbreak

Slide your finger across to begin the jailbreaking process, just like you would swipe to unlock your device to reach the home screen. A download window will appear, downloading the files. Be patient.

3. Sit Tight

After it’s done downloading, it’ll tell you sit tight and wait as it jailbreaks your device. Be patient; you’ll get there soon.

4. Run Cydia

When it’s done, it will let you know that Cydia has been successfully installed. Go back to your home screen and open Cydia. Select the “User” option (unless you absolutely know what you are doing). It might take some time.

5. Add Sources

Eventually, you’ll reach a “Manage” screen in Cydia. Select “Sources”, then select “Edit” (top right), and then “Add” (top left). Enter the following url:
Once you’ve entered this source, select “Add”, and wait as it updates your source data. You’ll receive a source warning, but select “Add anyway” to proceed.

6. Install Appsync

Select the first Hackulo source, and then proceed to install Appsync for your respective device (iOS 4.0 or iOS 4.0.1).

7. Have fun

You’ve successfully jailbroke your Apple device! You can download applications from the Cydia source, from the iTunes store, or even run local applications that you’ve made (great for aspiring developers who haven’t made the spring for Apple’s $99 Developer Program yet.

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    Does doing this void the warranty on your device?

  2. Alex



    If one had jailbroken their iDevice and needed to take it into and apple store, will they be able to tell even if the device was restored?

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